Cheryl’s cleaners is a family owned business located on Church Street, Ticehurst , East Sussex. We offer unrivalled quality cleaning and friendly service at very competitive prices.

Cheryl’s Cleaners was established in 1983 and has been helping to keep Ticehurst, Wadhurst and surrounding areas looking smart ever since.

Take a look at our history

Our  team has had generations of  experience Industry so you can be assured that you are dealing with experts.
Our promise to you is to provide the best services you shall see on the high street; and we aim to achieve our goals by keeping our workforce highly skilled enhanced by the best cleaning products the cleaning industry has to offer.

Note:- if bagged and we are told about what’s in the bags (NO NASTY SURPRISES) 🤣 we are happy to wash things where other “cleaners ” won’t!!!!

All laundry services are processed on the premises so you could say Cheryl Cleaners is the end of the washing line.

We do Horse Rugs £12.50   —-  Tents – wash and reproof   —-  Dry only starting from £2.50